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Present Ph. D. Students

Peng Jing

Peng Jin
General Topic: Metamaterial
-Engineered Small Antennas

Chia-Ching Lin 

Chia-Ching Lin
General Topic: Metamaterial-Engineered Small Antennas

Sawyer Campbell
General Topic: Active Coated Nano-Particles

Paul Gensheimer
General Topic: Particle-Beam Based THz Source

Ian Zimmerman
General Topic: Thermal Based THz Source

Ning Zhu

Ning Zhu
General Topic: Power Harvesting

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Past Students

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Dave Davidson
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Fabrice Auzanneau
Group Leader
CEA Saclay, Paris France

Mashiro Tanaka
Associate Professor
Gifu University, Japan

Edwin Marengo
Assistant Professor
Northeastern University, Boston MA

Mike Potter
Associate Professor
University of Calgary
, Canada

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