Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Arizona 
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Grading Policy

The grading distribution for the course is as follows:

Homework Assignments: 20%
Midterm: 20%
Group Project: 30%
Final Exam: 30%
Total: 100%

Grading scheme:

Percentage Letter Grade
90% - 100% A
80% - 89% B
70% - 79% C
60% - 69% D
<60% F


Plagiarism Policy

The University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity (Section 2.1a) is based on the guiding principle that a student's submitted work must be the student's own. In ECE 478/578, this policy will be applied to all work submitted for a grade, including exams, quizzes, homework, and lab assignments. Copying previously posted solutions or solution manuals is strictly forbidden; anyone violating this policy will receive zero credit for homework that was plagiarized. All work must be original. The minimum penalty for submitting work that is not your own is an E grade. Repeated violations may result in expulsion from the university.