Error correction algorithms for DNA repair

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Maintaining integrity of genetic material is achieved through DNA repair, a process in the cell in which damage are continually monitored and corrected. In many organisms the genes and proteins that participate in this process have been identified, but with a few exceptions the role of many of them is given only descriptively. Understanding the role of genetic and protein interactions during DNA-repair and its mathematical formulation is obscured not only by the limitations of the existing experimental methods, but also by deficiencies of their underlying theoretical frameworks or lack of thereof.

In this project we study an information theoretical framework for of DNA repair which views it as an error correction system. We are applying the principles and methods of information theory and coding theory to incorporate phenomena observed on different levels of abstraction of the genomic error correction system. This method for rigorous treatment of DNA-repair enables describing its functionality quantitatively and algorithmically.

Project Members

  • Prof. Bane Vasic
  • Vida Ravanmehr
  • Prof. David Galbraith
  • Prof. Michael Marcellin


  • NSF

Project Publications

There are no publications associated with this project.