Multifunctional Microwave Circuits Designs

 Rapid developments in modern communication systems have imposed requirements such as wide bandwidth, small size and multi-band operation for RF / microwave components. Among them, the multi-band operation is of special interest. Normally, to support multi-band operations, multiple sets of single band circuits were needed, which were large in size and expensive in cost. Alternatively, by replacing the original bulky circuits with the multi-band circuits, both the size and the cost of the whole system could be reduced, which is attractive.

 To achieve the multi-band operation of the RF / microwave system, various microwave components need to be re-designed. Different topologies and design theories need to be developed for this purpose. So far, our effort in this area has led to several new designs of microwave baluns, dipole antenna and Wilkinson power dividers, all of which are essential components in the microwave systems. In the future, we are going to design microwave power amplifiers for dual-band operation.

Photographs of Fabricated Circuits

Dual-band balun-fed dipole antenna

Dual-band Wilkinson power divider


Dual-band balun