Probe Station with various probe positioners, DC to millimeter probes, and calibration substrate
Agilent E8361A Network Analyzer, 10 MHz to 67 GHz,with up to 110 GHz extension, with 1.85mm test port cables male-female and various coaxial and waveguide cal kits
Hewlett Packard 8753C Network Analyzer, 300 KHz to 6 GHz, with HP 85047A S-Parameter test set
Hewlett Packard 8720C Network Analyzer, 50 MHz to 20 GHz
Agilent E4407B Spectrum Analyzer, 9 KHz to 26.5 GHz, ESA-E Series
Hewlett Packard 8593E Spectrum Analyzer
Agilent N5182A Vector Signal Generator
Agilent E8257C Signal Generator, 250 KHz to 20 GHz
Hewlett Packard 8657A Signal Generator
Hewlett Packard 8350B Sweep Oscillator, with HP 83545A RF Plug-in
  Hewlett Packard 222A Pulse Generator
  Agilent Technologies DSO9404A Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  Hewlett Packard 54200A Digitizing Oscilloscope
  Hewlett Packard 8970B Noise Figure Meter
  Hewlett Packard 437B Power Meter
  Tektronix CSA 803 Communication Signal Analyzer
  Applied Systems Enginnering 117L L band power amplifier