Miklos N. Szilagyi
Senior Member, IEEE

Position: Professor
Office Location: ECE 422G
Office Phone: 621-6183
E-Mail: szilagyi@ece.arizona.edu
Degree information: Ph.D., Electrotechnical University of Leningrad, 1965
D.Sc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1979

Research Interests:
  • Szilagyi Laboratory of Nonlinear System Simulation
  • Particle Beams and Optics
  • Agent-Based Simulation of Nonlinear Systems
  • N-Person Game Theory
  • Complexity
  • Microfabrication of Integrated Circuits
  • Computer-Aided Synthesis of Electron and Ion Optical Systems
  • Physical Electronics
  • Neural Networks
Courses Frequently Taught: ECE 408/508, ECE421/521,ECE 451A,ECE 502
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