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Jun   Ke


1. Ph.D.,  The University of Arizona

     Major:    Electrical & Computer Engineering                         

     Minor:    Optical Science

     Dissertation:  Compressive imaging and its applications               

2.   M.S., Aug 2002,    Purdue University

  Major:    Mathematics

3.   M.S., July 1999,    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

  Major:    Electrical Engineering

     Thesis:    Adaptive anti-interference technique in radar signal processing based on SMI

4.  B.S., July 1996,    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

  Major:    Electrical Engineering


1.   Research Assistant  

    Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, University of Arizona                          2003 - present


  1. Target Tracking in Compressive Imaging  
  2. Adaptive Image Reconstruction in Compressive Imaging   
  3. Distributed Imaging Network using Non-imaging Sensor  
  4. Optical Architecture Design and Analysis in Compressive Imaging
  5. Base Vector Optimization in Compressive Imaging
  6. Holographic Data Storage 

2.   Teaching Assistant 

    Optical Science Department, University of Arizona                                                     2005 - 2007 Spring

    Basic Physics Optics (Lab)

    Geometrical and Instrumental Optics, Diffraction and Interferometry

3.   Teaching Assistant

    Mathematics Department, Purdue University                                                             2000 - 2002

    Linear Algebra

4.   Research Assistant

    Electrical Engineering Department, UESTC                                                              1996 - 1999

    Radar signal processing      

Journal Publications

1.   Jun Ke, Mark A. Neifeld, "Optical architectures for compressive imaging", Applied Optics, Vol. 46 Issue 22, 2007

2.  Jun Ke, Premchandra Shankar, and Mark A. Neifeld, "Distributed Imaging using an Array of Non-Imaging Sensors", Optics Communications Vol. 282 Issue 2, 2009.

3.   Jun Ke, Mark A. Neifeld, "Improving Feature-specific Imaging with Adaptive Compressive Measurements", preparing.

4.  Jun Ke, Mark A. Neifeld, "Object Tracking Using Retrieved Position Vector from Compressive Imaging", preparing.

5.  Pawan K Baheti, Jun Ke, Mark A Neifeld, "Adaptive Feature-specific Imaging for Recognition of  non-Gaussion Classes", preparing.

Conference Publications

1.  Jun Ke, Mark A. Neifeld, "Reconstruction Using Adaptive Feature-Specific Imaging", Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2007 September, San Jose, California

2.  Pawan K Baheti, Jun Ke, and Mark A Neifeld, "Adaptive Feature-Specific Imaging", Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI) 2007 June, Vancouver, Canada

3.  Jun Ke, Premchandra Shankar, and Mark A Neifeld, "Distributed Feature-specific Imaging", Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI) 2007 June, Vancouver, Canada

4.  Mark A, Neifeld, Jun Ke, "Optical Architectures for Compressive Imaging", Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2006 October, Rochester, New York

5.  Jun Ke, Michael D. Stenner, and Mark A. Neifeld, "Minimum reconstruction error in feature-specific imaging", SPIE, 2005 April, Orlando, Florida

6.  Jun Ke, and Mark A. Neifeld, "Improved Holographic Data Storage by Reduced Exposures", OSA Annual Meeting, 2005 October, Tucson, Arizona


1.       Operation System:                                      Windows, Unix

2.       Programming language and software:           Matlab, C, C++, Fortren, Zemax

Awards Received

    Graduate Fellowship, University of Arizona                                                               2002 - 2003

    Graduate Fellowship, UESTC                                                                                   1996 - 1997

    Graduation with Outstanding Academic Achievement, UESTC                                   1996

    Ministry of Electronics Industry, China, UESTC                                                         1996

    Scholarship of Excellent Academic Achievement Award, UESTC                              1992 - 1996

Professional Membership

    IEEE student member;               OSA student member

    SPIE student member;               IS&T student member

Relevant Coursework

    Major: Random Processes, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Detection and Estimation theory, Data Compression, Digital Communication Systems, Channel coding, Electromagnetic Field theory,

    Minor: Fourier optics, Diffraction and interferometer, Principles of Image Science, Computational Imaging, Computer Generated Holography, Computational Sensing - Spectroscopy, Advanced Medical Imaging, Numerical Analysis

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721, USA