University of Arizona
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
EDA Tools Laboratory
Course Information

This is a non-credit laboratory, intended to help students who wish to use Cadence tools in completing their assignments and projects for other classes.



General Information

  • ECE 226 - Short demo, followed by 2 hour lab session
  • Instructor:              Dr. David MacQuigg -
  • Faculty Liason:       Dr. Hugh Barnaby
  • Technical Liasons:   Leo Enfield,    Rex Newbould
  • Webpage:


  • Lab Data: ~edatools/labs - follow the Readme.doc files

Lab Topics

  1. Top-Down Design
  2. Schematic Editor
  3. Layout Editor
  4. Analog Simulation and Display
  5. Analyzing Simulation Results
  6. Circuit Conditions, Sweeps
  7. Component Description Format
  8. Hierarchy Editor
  9. Verilog-A Models
  10. Python & the Qt Toolkit

Online Manuals / Help

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