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This is a non-credit laboratory, intended to help students who wish to use modern design tools in completing their assignments and projects for other classes.



General Information

  • Lab time and place:  ECE 226, times to be announced
  • Instructor:  Dr. David MacQuigg – macquigg at
  • Webpage:
  • Course Description:

Python is a modern object-oriented language ideal for engineers and non-computer scientists.  We will start with the basics of Python, then study some interesting examples of how this high-level, user-oriented language can be applied to the design of analog and digital circuits.

Lab Topics

  1. The Python Interpreter
  2. Basic Features of the Language
  3.    "        "
  4. Python Objects
  5.    "        " 
  6. MyHDL – hardware description in Python
  7. -
  8. CDP – analog circuit design with Python
  9. -
  10. Python & the future of EDA

Textbooks / Help

Other Items


  • Link to old Cadence lab page