Linux Use Cases


These are intended to describe typical cases where a user might consider UserLinux over Windows or an alternative Linux distribution.  By describing specific situations in some detail, we can avoid much of the misunderstanding and unnecessary argument on the UserLinux mailing list.  The purpose here is *not* to set priorities or make any judgment as to which usage is important.  In fact I've added a "Grandma" use case just for fun.

Suggestions and criticism are welcome if they are focused on clarifying what is intended in these situations, or adding other use cases.  We need one or more use cases for *Enterprise* situations, since that is the main focus of  UserLinux.  My own focus is the Small Business situation ( and yes, I will admit it, a computer for Grandma :> ).

What's interesting is how much overlap there is in the requirements on a distribution enabling it to support very different use models.

Once we have the target users well defined, then we can have a much shorter discussion on priorities.

-- Dave

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Note:  This is not an official UserLinux page.  I'm just a user with some suggestions.  The web address is just a temporary location for these files.




Still needed: 
Clarifications.  Additional cases.  Prioritization of the cases.  A list of specific functions or tasks that will satisfy the requirements of the most important use cases.  Ratings of different Linux distributions as to how well they satisfy each requirement.