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PyLogDes        Python Logic Design                         Python/ECE474/overview

Existing tools for logic design use sophisticated algorithms to work efficiently on large design problems.  However, they don't provide much insight into how the algorithms work.  The purpose of this package is to implement some simple tools in a way that parallels the development in ECE474 - Logic Synthesis Algorithms, focusing on clarity rather than efficiency, and ignoring the edge cases that make real programs so complex.  Python is the ideal language for this project because of its clarity.  The interactive interpreter makes it easy for students to debug their programs.  See the link above for a start on a package of logic design tools.  To get "hooked" on Python in two hours, try the tutorial at !!

CDP            An Open-Source Platform for Front-End IC Design                cdp_tut01-a1.tar.gz

The goal of this project is an easily-learned, universal, open-source, circuit design platform that will allow IC designers to use whatever tools they want for design entry, simulation, and display of results.  The platform should provide a simple GUI, basic services such as storage of tool setups, and should define a simple, standard interface for each class of tool.  Most of the work will be in documenting the design and construction of the platform, using a simple scripting language ( Python ) and GUI toolkit ( Qt ) so that others may easily follow the pattern and extend the platform to support new and more varied tools.