About Me

Yes...that's right.  I live on Earth.  If you do not share my same meager corner of the galaxy, please see SETI, I'm sure that they would like to hear from you.

More accurately, I inhabit the great metropolis of Tucson, AZ (USA).

To be fair, it's an interesting city, in an interesting area (the desert) but we have a lot of bums.  The city makes the bums wear orange vests.

I'm originally from a small town in the great state of Illinois.  Quite frankly, I miss the Midwest.  I miss green things with broad leaves.  I miss (REAL) rain.  I miss thunderstorms.  I miss rivers, streams, and creeks.  I miss corn.  Arizona is great and all, but nevertheless it is in a desert.

Currently, I'm with the University of Arizona in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.  I used to work for the Reliable Computing and Design labratory headed by Dr. Spyros Tragoudas.  I have a paper or two under Dr. Tragoudas, you can download them in the Papers section of my web site.  As of August of 1999, I'm now working in the Intelligenet Systems Laboratory (ISL) under Dr. Marefat.  The ISL specializes in artificial intelligence and agent based systems.

When  I was a younger, I attended Southern Illinois University in scenic Carbondale, Illinois.

My hobbies include the typical computer geek things: role-play gaming, computer programming (particularly in Python), computer hardware (it's not only my hobby but my career), artificial intelligence, biking, and tennis.  I'm not good at tennis, but I do like playing it.

My alter ego, Rex, is a vertically challenged, human projectile that works for a local circus.  He doesn't have a web page at the moment.