The Society for Computer Simulation International (SCS) presents:


June 1-4 1999, Warsaw, Poland

Part of the 1999 SCS European Multiconference on Computer Simulation

The 1999 3rd International Conference on Qualitative Information, Fuzzy Techniques, and Neural Networks in Simulation brings together research paper presentations, panel sessions, tutorials, workshops, seminars, industrial applications, and software demonstrations that make use of qualitative information of some sort or other in models of dynamic systems for the purpose of simulation.

Research papers are welcome in the following categories of presentation sessions.

In recent years, more and more papers were published that combine several of the known qualitative knowledge representation techniques in a combined algorithm. For example, a number of papers have lately been published on fuzzy neural networks. We therefore believe that it makes sense to bring the experts on and advocates of the various techniques together in one conference.

There are many conferences convened every year relating to Neural Networks and/or Fuzzy Systems. ICQFN'99 is not a competitor of these conferences. ICQFN is really a modeling/simulation conference (as will be the flavor of all the tracks offered within ESM). ESM is one of the biggest and most prominent modeling/simulation events in Europe. Within this overall effort, ICQFN'99 plays a special role. Just as AI researchers have often considerable problems with processing precise quantitative information in their schemes, simulation researchers have traditionally had difficulties with processing qualitative and imprecisely known information. This is what ICQFN is all about: providing the modeling/simulation researchers with methodological tools that shall enable them to process qualitative and imprecisely known information in their models and simulation programs. Neural networks and fuzzy systems are simply two of the vehicles that can be used to accomplish this.

ICQFN'99 is the third conference of its kind. The first ICQFN conference has been held in early June 1994 in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the ESM'94 MultiConference, and the second ICQFN conference was held in June 1996 in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the ESM'96 MultiConference. These efforts led to rather successful meetings in which roughly 40 papers of high quality were presented each time. Since the registration fee for the MultiConference provides access to all conferences, and since the attendees receive the proceedings of the entire MultiConference, there has always been quite a bit of walk-over between presentations of the individual conferences. We found that in most of the presentations, we had more than 40 people sitting, indicating that more attendees migrated to our track than emigrated away from it.


Please, send four copies of extended abstracts (from four to six pages in typing excluding figures and tables) or drafts of full papers (a maximum of twelve pages in typing) to the General Chair of ICQFN'99. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged. Please, provide your name, affiliation, full mailing address, telephone number, FAX number, EMail address, and homepage URL. Indicate clearly that your paper is being submitted to ICQFN'99. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two members of the International Program Committee of ICQFN'99.

General Chair: Francois E. Cellier
Program Chair: Josep Aguilar Martín

International Program Committee

Álvaro de Albornoz         Instituto Politécnico Nacional        Mexico

Andrea Bonarini            Politecnico di Milano                 Italy

Silvano Colombano          NASA Ames Research Center             U.S.A.

Wlodzislaw Duch            Nicholas Copernicus University        Poland

Paul Fishwick              University of Florida                 U.S.A.

Madan Gupta                University of Saskatchewan            Canada

Rüdiger Hohmann            Otto-von-Guericke Universität         Germany

Dani Juricic               Josef Stefan Institute                Slovenia

George Klir                Binghamton University                 U.S.A.

László Kóczy               Technical University of Budapest      Hungary

Granino Korn               G.A. & T.M. Korn Associates           U.S.A.

Bart Kosko                 University of Southern California     U.S.A.

Derek Linkens              University of Sheffield               United Kingdom

Tom Longshaw               Defence Research Agency               United Kingdom

Bohdan Macukow             Warsaw University of Technology       Poland

Àngela Nebot               Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya  Spain

Kevin Passino              Ohio State University                 U.S.A.

Witold Pedrycz             University of Manitoba                Canada

Naly Rakoto-Ravalontsalama Ecole des Mines de Nantes             France

Jerzy Rozenblit            University of Arizona                 U.S.A.

Ethan Scarl                The Boeing Company                    U.S.A.

Jan Top                    Agrotechnological Research Institute  Netherlands

Tu Van Le                  University of Camberra                Australia

Lotfi Zadeh                University of California Berkeley     U.S.A.

Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann     R.W.T.H. Aachen                       Germany

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We thank you for your interest, and we are looking forward to meeting you in Warsaw!