Chemical Engineering in Cooking

 The following paragraphs contain bios and words of introduction from students who have worked on these pages previously:

Hello, I'm Valerie Fisher. After graduating from Lake Zurich High School in 1994, I came to the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign majoring in chemical engineering from the beginning and have not regretted it. I also came with the intention to become a co-op student and found a position with UOP in Des Plaines, Illinois during my second semester. I gained a lot of valuable experience working with UOP through their Developmental Engineer program and have appreciated the opportunity to watch and help engineers at work in the industry. I have been involved with both the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers while attending school on campus. I also enjoy being involving with archery and fencing as extracurricular activities on campus. The University of Illinois has provided me with the education, experience, and degree that I expected as well as so much more.

Hello and welcome to the Chemical Engineering in Cooking homepage. I'm Nathan Pace. This is my 5th and last year of undergrad here at UofI. While here I also participated in the co-op program. I worked at Fermilab for 2 semesters and 2 summers. The group I worked with was involved in developing low cost polymer scintillator for particle detectors. I'm glad to be working on this project because I enjoy cooking, and it's interesting to find out more about the science involved in cooking. I have also been involved with AIChE, and InterVarsity.

Hi! My name is Sheetal Khedkar and i'm a junior in Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois. This web page originated as a Senior Project by Brooke Patterson and Kelly Provost in the spring semester of 1998, and since they graduated in May--my job is to start from where they left off. The purpose of this webpage is to teach all of you non-scientists about the importance of science and engineering in daily life. We are going to apply chemical engineering concepts to simple tasks we often perform in the kitchen. Cooking is something almost everyone has at least experimented with, so we figure that since most folks are already familiar with the whole idea, it will be a good place to start. Our first few pages are pretty easy to follow. We want to allow those of you without science or math backgrounds to understand all the explanations--without putting you to sleep. You may notice, as you read through the following pages, that the explanations grow more difficult to understand. Don't be discouraged. We sincerely hope that we have presented the following material manner that is interesting and informative to every reader. We guarantee as soon as you're done, you'll see cooking in a whole new light! Good luck! We hope you enjoy our project.


Hi, I'm Brooke Patterson. My experience here at the University of Illinois has been a fun, yet educational time. The University of Illinois has a very good balance between academics and social times. While I've been here I have joined many types of clubs and activities. As a freshman I joined the sorority Alpha Gamma Delta. It has brought me many friendships, good times, and leadership opportunities. I have had the chance to plan and coordinate 150 girls for such events as dances and sorority rush. I have also joined several clubs such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). I have had many academic achievements also. These have lead me to being a part of two different honor societies, F H S and A L D, and being on the University Deanís List for three different semesters. I don't just study though. I was lucky enough to get a job with the Chemistry department at the University and I am now a teaching assistant for Chemistry 101. Teaching has been an experience that I really enjoy. I am originally from Des Moines, Iowa and will be moving back to my home state in June because I have recently accepted a job with Monsanto in Muscatine, Iowa as a process engineer. I am looking forward to the new challenge.


Hi, I'm Kelly Provost. The University of Illinois has given me many opportunities, both academically and otherwise. During my four years here, I have been able to get involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Women in Engineering (WIE), and Engineering Council (EC). I also have two jobs here at the University, one at the Illini Union Bookstore where I do customer service, and one at the Computing and Communications Services Office (CCSO) where I answer the questions of both students and faculty about the computing services CCSO offers. I am also involved in intramural volleyball and softball. Following graduation, I will be going to work for Georgia Pacific Corporation at their Port Hudson, LA location as a process engineer. I have lived in Illinois all my life, and my family is still here, so Louisiana is a little far away. I am looking forward to this new job and location as an adventure though, and am very excited.

Hi, I'm Sheetal Khedkar and I too have tried to take advantage of what UIUC has to offer. In the past two years, I've been involved with AIChE as both a member and president of the freshman committee. I've worked as both a writer and editor for Technograph engineering magazine and have participated in Engineering Open House (EOH). As a freshman, I was a resident of the Women in Math and Science Floor in Florida Avenue Residence Hall. But I don't just participate in engineering-related activities. This past year I was both a volunteer and an agency liaison with Volunteer Illini Projects. I also participated in Project Search which gave me the opportunity to visit a nearby elementary school and teach second graders about science. In addition, I love being on stage and have performed in several Indian and Asian variety shows. I'm a member of Phi Eta Mu Honor Society and have been on the Dean's List twice. This year I have received a position as a resident advisor at Allen Hall which I'm really looking forward to. I'm working on this webpage as part of a ChemE research credit and am quitethrilled to be a part of this project.

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