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ChEE 201L

Elements of Chemical Engineering I

Fall 2007

University of Arizona


Instructor:          Dr. Paul Blowers                              Office Hours:       To Be Determined

128 Harshbarger                                  blowers@engr.arizona.edu

Students should contact the instructor by email instead of by telephone.  He checks his telephone messages every 2-3 weeks, but checks email very often and responds.  Students should be aware that phone calls may not be returned in a timely manner.


Lecture:                Th 11 am - 11:50 am, 305 Harvill


TA:                         To Be Determined             


Course Description:          

This course will introduce you to the fundamental principles of numerical analysis through use of Excel and Visual Basic applied in Excel.  This course is the companion course to ChEE 201 and will also begin demonstrating how mathematics and programming can be fundamental tools for solving complex engineering problems.


Text: None.  Course handouts will be available on the course website.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students should:

1) be able to estimate computational errors using computer applications to solve problems

2) be able to develop Taylor series approximations for general functions

3) be able to apply linear algebra techniques to solve systems of equations

4) be able to apply root finding techniques for complex functions

5) be able to integrate all of the above techniques with chemical engineering problem solving


Other metaconcepts the students should be proficient at:

1) be able to comfortably organize and present group material

2) be able to identify and rectify group conflicts

3) be able to identify personal difficulties during problem solving and to take corrective action

4) be able to knowledgeably think of everyday examples where material and energy balances are important

5) be able to conceptually link levels of information and ideas in a problem solving framework


Course Prerequisites:

The courses you must have taken before this course are:

MATH124 or MATH125; ECE 175 or SIE 170.  If you have not fulfilled the co- or prerequisite courses you may be dropped from the course at the instructor's discretion since you may not succeed based on past student performance.


Course Website:  http://blowers.chee.arizona.edu/chee_201L.htm


Important Dates to Keep in Mind:

Last day to drop a course where it will not appear on the record of enrollment, September 14, 2007.

Last day to drop a course with a withdrawal of "W", October 12, 2007.  Students must be passing the course in order to withdraw at this time.


Course Grading Policies:               


Homework quizzes, and group projects (30 % of grade)

Homework is due at the beginning of the class on the day it is due.

Late homework will not be accepted.  Quizzes may be given with advance warning.


To eliminate confusion and difficulties in staying current, students will have 2 weeks from the date homework, quizzes, or exams are returned to discuss grading criteria and scores.  After the time limit has passed, students will not be able to petition for changes.  Additionally, students who do their homework with a team are responsible for knowing their score and retaining copies of the scored coversheet for their records.  On the final exam, students will have 1 week into the new semester to petition on final grading scores.


To reduce confusion and to ensure students are responsible for their materials, work that is returned to students will be kept for 2 additional attempts after the first day a return to the student is attempted.  If a student has not claimed their homework after three attempts in class, it will be destroyed.


Exams (one midterm exam, 30 % of grade total).

The in-class exam is comprehensive and is scheduled for 10/11.  Unless otherwise announced, the exam will be closed book.


Make-up exam: A make-up exam may be arranged if you notify  the instructor before the regularly scheduled exam.  A makeup exam will be scheduled only if the student has a valid reason for missing the regularly scheduled exam.  Verifiable illness with notification from the emergency dean or family emergencies are valid reasons for missing an exam.


Final exam: (40 % of grade).

Comprehensive final on Monday December 10th 8 am-10 am.  A comprehensive final will be given during the scheduled period during finals.

Grading Rubric:

Letter grades on exams or assignments will not be determined; a final letter grade will be given at the end of the semester instead.  This course will be graded on a straight scale as follows:


Total percentage of points earned                   Final Grade

90 - 100 %                                                        A

77 - 89 %                                                           B

65 - 76 %                                                           C 

52 - 64 %                                                          D

< 52%                                                                E

Course Lectures and Policies:

This class uses  an active learning environment and attendance is not optional for students to be able to learn the material.  If a student misses more than one class period prior to the last drop date, they will be administratively dropped from the course.  If the student misses two classes total, before and after the last drop date, they will receive a grade of E in the course.  If a student must miss class a second or more times, they must communicate with Dr. Blowers in person to document why they have a valid reason for missing class. 


A variety of measures will be used to ensure students are in class and excuses are not accepted unless they are substantiated by documented and verifiable methods.   Some of the methods that will be used to verify attendance include submission of homework, submission of extra credit assignments in class, and visual inspection of the classroom.  The instructor will know all student names and recognize students by the end of the third week of class so students are expected to be present at all times during class.  Please note that the campus health center does not verify illnesses so other means must be used.  The instructor will work with students to meet this requirement with email prior to class absenteeism. 

DRC Center:  Students who are able to use the services of the Disability Resource Center or may have other educational needs may see the professor at any time to discuss accommodations for their needs.  However, this should be done at least 1 week prior to the first exam to allow for preparations that may be needed.

Standards for Homework Problems and Quizzes:

1.  Briefly restate the problem using a sketch or diagram where appropriate.  Label the sketch or diagram with all quantities involved.

2.  Indicate the basis you select, and indicate any change of basis within the problem.  State assumptions.

3.  Include both the numerical value and units for all quantities involved, including intermediate results.

4.  Answers should be circled or otherwise marked, and reported to an appropriate number of significant digits.

5.  Values obtained from a handbook or other reference should be accompanied by a citation. For example:

CCl4 boiling pt.  76.5 oC (CRC, pg C-373)

6.  Show how you have checked your work if appropriate.

7.  Be clear and concise when writing answers to questions.

Standards for Style and Presentation of Problem Sets

1.  All assignments are to be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with writing on one side only.  Multiple pages must be stapled together.  Unlined paper may be used if the work is done neatly.  Handwriting must be legible.

2.  Each page must have the student's name, the course number and the page number in the upper right hand corner.

Substandard work will result in a loss of credit.

Class Schedule (click here for PDF format): (This link will be updated as the semester progresses)

All homework is due on the days listed above unless otherwise designated on a specific problem handout.

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona