The page summarizes some of the F2 ESH data that Nina found. 

Nina said, "Besides exposure and absorption, other crucial safety concerns include explosions, F2 reacts with other materials, F2 absorb moisture then erode piping...  I have attached an article on F2 handling here for your reference.  The chemical industry has done a lot of work on it."  From a standard reference (Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 2002 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Weinheim, Germany)

Nina also said, "I will send each of you information on the NF3 vs. F2 case.  There is one thing that I would like to bring to your discussion is that there is one big component in our work that is missing from ESH, which is the S part -- safety.  Especially for the F2 case, the main concern is the safety.  It would be great if one of us can work on that.  For the NF3 vs. F2 case, since the emission components are very simple, basically trace NF3, a lot of F2, N2, O2 and SiF4, some HF, the toxicological data on these species are readily available.  We have those data already in our database.  I was wondering whether Sarah would be interested in trying out the safety evaluation.  Of course, other people are welcome to contribute, too."

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona