This is the password protected part of the LCA working group at the NSF/ERC.  This is our clearinghouse for information that we would like to share internally, but might not want to share with others outside the group.

Nikhil had furnished some COO data for F2 abatement and some general comments and that is available here.

Nina had provided some ESH data from Ullmann's for F2 (here) and also some comments about the F2 pre-treatment stream (here).

Nikhil had found a grant opportunity that is here.  The deadline was May 21 and they succeeded in getting a proposal submitted regarding efforts at MIT.  The grant is available in PDF format here.  We will hope that is funded.

Paul had found some other grant opportunities that are mostly due in October and they are here.

Notes from past discussions:  6-2-04 and 6-9-04.



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