Brainstorming for Next Steps

Next step could be to begin developing a workshop for next February's review

    Would be targeted at researchers in the center and at companies to demonstrate what we have dome

        Would these "users" of information be a good audience for us

            Annual meeting for ESH professionals is coming up - present our stuff to them too?

        We have access to an industrial community at the review

            Should we invite both?  They are both there.

        I think we need to sell to both audiences


A goal is to develop a case study to present to other people

    Can we pick one problem and all work together to do each in our own way

        UPW versus CO2

        NF3 versus F2 versus PFC's

Gary Rubloff did water model at U Maryland

    How complete is that model and what do we have access to?

    Do we have Powersim, Vsim, etc?

NF3 versus F2, could Michael go upstream to generate the database of LCI of that tree

    there is also abatement with water afterwards

    could we model that LCI info too?


Proposal is that we bring all teams' approaches on NF3 versus F2

    Michael does upstream information

    Nina does uncertainty

    Sarah does toxicology

    Paul does water cleanup analysis and design of that system

    Nikhil will look at perspective effects and facilities decision

Farhang - support? 


Put together to some papers and submit

    Opinion paper to Solid State Technology - general papers to magazines and the ones that process engineers read - Chemical Engineering Progress

    Underlying support papers going over the details that might be more technical

    For LCI papers, how do we provide all the information into one paper for a full chemical tree.

        Focusing on a comparison makes this much easier to do.

        We are currently limited by going from LCI to LCA

            Sarah would like to work with Michael on toxicity issues related to LCI material flows

            Nina has Alejandro Cano's inventory -> impact model

                Does not link directly to economics

                    Nikhil has a lot of cost data, but it is not complete

                We could develop this more and we should revisit this

We might go back to C2F6 and then go through our decision process to see if we reach the right case

 We should write a proposal together

    task 1 - how to do this LCI/LCA information

    task 2 - what are the gaps in knowledge that exist

            can we design information database structures that will be used by others

            integration of decision making

            can we create smaller analysis blocks for aggregation


Nina will email Paul the characteristics of the waste water stream

Nina will work with Nikhil to integrate cost information

Sarah needs a list of the species that will be in the waste stream

    Paul and Nina and Nikhil will provide information to Sarah

Paul will talk with Farhang about doing workshop at the retreat in August

        Need support from Farhang for students

Find out from Farhang what he thinks industrial members might chip in for a project like this 

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona