The page summarizes some of the F2 treatment data that Nina had for the overall analysis Paul will do.

Nina said, "Waste water stream:

After the emission from the chamber goes through the burner, F2 and SiF4 becomes HF.  Then HF is scrubbed with city water.  The HF concentration of the scrubber outlet is 1.157E-04 mol HF/mol H2O for the NF3 case, and 1.133E-04 mol HF/mol H2O for the F2 case.  The water usage is 0.94 gallon/min for NF3, and 0.65 gallon/min for F2.

There will also be some trace amount of NO2, NO in the emission from the chamber, less than 9ppmv in the inlet to the scrubber compared to 3000 ppmv of F2.  So I didn't consider them in my scrubber simulation." 

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona