The page summarizes some of the F2 treatment data that Nikhil has put together. 

He commented, "I was reading through the notes of the meeting last week and saw that
you would be working on downstream F2 treatment.  I collected some cost
and inventory data for that system a couple of years ago by talking to
various treatment suppliers - and have attached the file.  Perhaps this
would be useful.

One thing I noticed is that there seems to be a large variability in the
cost of operation of F2 treatment systems (3c/gal to 30 c/gal in some
cases) in various fabs and locations.  The cells in green will require
Crystal Ball to see the input distributions - but the numbers that are
in the cells are based on the "average" 100 gpm facility F2 treatment

His spreadsheet can be found here.

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona