Survival and Success Skills for Engineering Freshmen

Fall 2001

University of Arizona

In this project, you must solve the following logic problem:

A werewolf, witch, mummy, vampire, and Frankenstein own a cat, a snake, a spider, a bunny, and a pit bull.  They also have hobbies that include line dancing, bowling, needlepoint, stamp collecting, and juggling.  With the following information, correctly list who owns what pet and what their hobbies are:


The spider is owned by the werewolf, but neither the mummy nor the vampire likes snakes.  The bowler owns the snake and the stamp collector owns the bunny.  Frankenstein likes to juggle but doesn't like dogs or rabbits.  The witch hates all mammals but the line dancer loves pit bulls.  Finally, the pit bull often goes line dancing with his owner, the vampire.

2007 Arizona Board of Regents for The University of Arizona